Initial Eyes release long awaited ‘Riddle Of The Sphinx’

According to an old Greek myth, travellers from distant lands would encounter a sphinx that would present to them a riddle. If they were able to solve it, the sphinx would obliterate them but if they were fortunate to answer correctly, the sphinx would spare them and allow them to pass.


Initial Eyes has managed to convey this story through the medium of music with his brand-new release ‘Riddle of the Sphinx’. Starting off with a steady beat paired with a heavy dosing of bass, an intriguing melody dances lightly across the background, enticing you to hear more. Slowly, one by one, the music starts to piece together, and the real groove begins.


Sweeping pad sounds replicate desert winds whilst the lead synth solo represents the encounter with the sphinx. The subtle drop adds to the mysteriousness and keeps up the storytelling throughout, showing off Initial Eye’s talent for intricate detailing. ‘Riddle of the Sphinx’ is a stunning Progressive, Deep House fusion with real hints of euphoria throughout.


Initial Eyes’ Riddle of the Sphinx is out now on Electric Impulse Records.


Listen to ‘Riddle Of The Sphinx’




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