Mateo Paz’s November Gain shows are now live

As a new month begins, it marks the final instalment of Mateo Paz’s ‘Gain’ broadcasts for November. Showcasing the very best releases, remixes and labels in the Prog scene each week, Mateo has now reached the impressive milestone of his 190th episode. ‘Gain’ has been a labour of love for the past 4 years with Mateo wanting to share his love for music with the world.


With tons of unreleased premiers, fan favourites and all-time classics there is something for everyone on Mateo’s show. Over the 4 November shows you can find music such as PRAANA & Dezza’s ‘Mirrors’, Alberto Blanco’s ‘Stratosphere’, Another Freak’s ‘Out Of Mine’ and Chronical Deep’s ‘Vuka’ along with unreleased music from the likes of Hansgod, Ricky kk and Nick Newman M.


You can catch Mateo’s ‘Gain’ every Sunday on Mixcloud, SoundCloud and YouTube with plans to launch on Spotify in the new year. So if you’re looking for a Progressive fix, head on over to Mateo’s channels to satisfy your needs!


November Gain Shows


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