Arnaud Rebotini ‘Personal Dictator’

Arnaud Rebotini / ‘Personal Dictator’

Vinyl / Digital

Black Strobe Records / Released April 11th 2011

A few people will have been waiting for this one to drop. And, to those looking for some full-throttle, power-electro of the Black Strobe variety, we say here it is.

The title track, and remixes thereafter, do as the name suggests. A commanding, but stepping beat struts out before harsh synths peak and trough, and a d-irty bassline enters the fray.  Add some distorted vocals and cut-up percussive edges, before throwing a Casio-choir chorus over the top and we’re close to why people originally admired Arnoud, not that he’s ever really strayed from that path.

Of the remixes The Hacker’s interpretation, unsurprisingly, will no doubt receive the most attention. Darker, and with more drum pads involved than one would think appropriate it’s familiar territory, but refuses to be predictable. Not that Mixhell or Motor’s reworkings are obvious, each melding snares and huge chords to stadium effect.

Tagged on the end is perhaps the biggest reason to buy of all. Twilight of Gods takes things down far poppier routes, nodding to Kompakt’s commercial underground sounds. Twinkling future-keys precede a soundtrack-worthy harmony-filled and punchy upbeat number that defines the term ‘hidden gem’, breaking out into Giorgio Moroder-esque tracking low end, coupled with cow bells for good measure. With both sides of the coin reflected in one fell swoop, Rebotini’s new imprint has opened in fine style.