Joe Hawes releases ‘Shakin’ on Hungry Koala Records

Future House rising star Joe Hawes has got us ‘Shakin’ with his latest EP. Released on top Australian label Hungry Koala Records, Joe expectedly unleashed a whole lot of rhythm and grooves on this track.


Powerful vocals kick-off ‘Shakin’, setting the precedent of what’s about to come. With stunning melodies swirling around the track, 40 seconds in you are subject to big basslines and lots of tasty percussion setting the vibe instantly. Joe uses slight arpeggios to build the track up to a point where the second dosage of drops are launched, breathing another load of energy into the dancefloor.


Joe’s career began with a set of drumsticks and his natural ability to create beats, it was only natural after learning to play the majority of conventional instruments to progress into electronic music. Inspired by the likes of Don Diablo and Martin Garrix, Joe has made appearances in Amnesia, Ibiza for Cream and at a sold-out Wakestock Festival in Wales, supporting the likes of Calvin Harris and Deadmau5 along the way. His love for music is impossible to deny and is shown through the incredible detail in his productions.


The ‘Shakin’ EP also comes with an extended mix of the track, giving you a whole extra minute of goodness. The EP is available to download now.


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