Trst unleashes ‘Quikk Lee’ on Sans Merci

Moving from strength to strength this year, San Fran based producer Trst is the talent, which keeps on giving. His experience in the industry as a DJ all across the US has helped him harness the sound which crowds love. ‘Quikk Lee’ is an energetic, rowdy exploration into the deepest depths of bass music.

Starting with potent percussion, the vibe is instantly set. Cut vocals with harsh processing are a forte of Trst, and his Fidget and Bass House sound has continued to grow with each release. Building beautifully and dropping with effortless ease, this has the power to encapsulate any audience member. His unique take on the genres he loves takes his tracks to a new place entirely, and ‘Quikk Lee’ is just the latest example of his transcendent productions.

His back catalogue boasts some serious sounds. ‘Throw Yo Body’ and ‘Bitch Boyz’ released via the iconic Spinnin’ Records and are proof of the calibre this producer provides. With militant basslines and boundary-pushing fusions, he is still THE name to watch as the summer season continues.

Coming out on Sans Merci, he is in some fine company with Tony Romera’s imprint pushing quality sounds since its inception. Releasing on the 16th August, this one will be tearing apart dancefloors before you know it – ‘Trst’ me.


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