Isolee ‘Dennis’


Isolee / Dennis

Vinyl / Digital 

Tamed Musiq / Released June 2013


Deep and naturalistic house music, complete with two varied remixes, is the order of the day here. One for fans of Ame and the like, it’s a low slung celebration of immersive dancefloor atmospherics.

Unsurprisingly, Ripperton’s reworking increases the emphasis on the subtle melodic refrains, creating a larger, more epic and emotive sound whilst never moving far from the minimalistic groove blue print of its source material. It’s understated beauty, for want of a less cliched term. Meanwhile, Baikal’s version takes a stab at tougher tones, turning the once-calm harmony into a staccato string hook before inviting filtered synths to add some much needed warmth.

In all honesty, we enjoyed both immensely, and the same goes for the Original’s abiding air of mystery- thanks in part to the chimed harmony- and gradual build into commanding yet sluggish beats, representing yet another sonic world. It asks a little of the listener, or at least requests their patience, but offers a reward in its infectious swagger, designed to hypnotise and encourage movement in equal measure.