Mateo Paz’s 150th edition of ‘Gain’ is available now!

This week’s Gain broadcast is a special one this week as it has reached its 150th episode! Mateo has lovingly put together 150 editions of Gain, fully of many varieties of Progressive House music from both established and up-and-coming producers. Gain is broadcasted both online and on Radio Kielce Poland and over its many episodes has gained quite the following.


Mateo Paz has had many successful releases and remixes with tunes such as his ‘Lunar Path’ remix and his remix of Terri Bjerre’s ‘Feel So Real’ which went on to be signed by Universal. In 2017 both ‘Mine Alone’ and ‘Looking For Sunlight’ were released to critical acclaim and big support from fellow artists. Mateo is not only a producer; his DJing has always been a big part of his progression as an artist.


In this week’s ‘Gain’ you can find music such as Ava Bachir’s ‘Thursday Morning’, SUNBREED’s ‘Up All Night’, Andre Rizzo’s remix of Freddy Wildblood’s ‘Petro’ all before closing the show with Groover Silva’s remix of Niccolò B’s ‘Dreams’. You can find new uploads of Mateo’s ‘Gain’ every Sunday on Mixcloud and YouTube.


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Gain 150

1. Aya Bachir – Thursday Morning (00:00-05:29)
2. Bablak – Hopeful Morning (05:29-10:48)
3. SUNBREED – Up All Night (Extended) [Digiment Records] (10:48-14:44)
4. Martín Dubiansky – Azares (Original Mix) [Somatic Records] (14:44-21:56)
5. Salazar – Tabby (Original Mix) [Onestar Records] (21:56-28:09)
6. Vick J – Broken Wings (Original Mix) (28:09-36:12)
7. Freddy Wildblood – Petro (Andre Rizzo Remix) [Selectro] (36:12-40:23)
8. digital mess – Project 71 (Original Mix) [Eternal Beats] (40:23-46:18)
9. Niccolò B – Dreams (Groover Silva Remix) [Estribo Records] (46:18-53:10)