Jay Bliss ‘The Art of Doing Nothing EP’

Jay Bliss / The Art of Doing Nothing EP 

Vinyl / Digital 

Initials / Released April 2012


What does it sound like? 

Apparently described by Lawrence as a pack of ‘reduced house keepers‘ we shouldn’t need to add much for anyone to understand this is precisely the kind of dance music more people should be making, and less should be reviewing. There’s not a lot to mention, at least in the aptly titled Doing Nothing, aside from a simple, slightly delicate piano hook, sweeping percussion and a big old b-line.

Similarly X, whilst seemingly less chunky, is another one of those dancefloor moments everyone relishes in and then immediately forgets- which is meant in the best possible way. Filled with melodic and drummatic nuances that ensure the dubby, ever-so-John-Tejada-esque beats don’t get boring, this is repetition at its finest that should remind anyone suffering from amnesia what warm up and filler fare can sound like, and perhaps as a result lead to more interested faces on dancefloors come 1AM.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

For many the fact Romanian all-star Petre Inspirescu makes an appearance in order to remix X into an awkward, robotic outing will no doubt be one of the main reasons for investigation, given the rarity of his outings. This instalment won’t disappoint either, it’s hypnotic, and nods to everything from Ricardo Villalobos to The Mole, which is usually a good thing. That said, both X and Doing Nothing are easily worth the pocket money too.

Where can I buy it?