Check Out Lorely Mur’s ‘Acid Kisses’ With a Remix From Mon.Ton

Mexican Techno trailblazer Lorely Mur is back with her brand-new release ‘Acid Kisses’, including a hard-hitting remix from Mon.Ton. Lorely’s the latest resident of the Hardpop Club, which stands to be a popular Mexican venue where she has garnered support from some huge names in the industry and subsequently, her talents have taken her across the US and Mexico. After discovering her talent and passion for Techno music in Berlin, she has gone on to attain an array of impressive achievements including performing headline sets for renowned artists like Da Groove and Zulu, whilst supporting sets for well-known artists like Deborah De Luca and Juliet Fox. In recent times, she has bloomed into a seriously talented Producer, with a string of deep and entrancing Techno hits like ‘Interstellar Mission’ EP with Eclipse recordings, her ‘Frission’ EP with VISIIONS and lastly her critically acclaimed track ‘Juno’ with SLC-6.  

Lorely Mur has done it again here with ‘Acid Kisses’, she has upped the ante with this latest release as the quality and overall vibe of each track have hit new levels and are a true representation of her knack for music production. ‘Acid Kisses’ is unquestionably one to behold, as she demonstrates her exceptional skills by intertwining a propelling bassline bound to get you moving, paired with strings of fleeting and atmospheric synths before she kicks things up a notch with a grungy, acidic arpeggio. Before you know it, you are plunged into the main body of the track where rhythmic and deep sounds kick out into a fury of Techno heaven chopped full of sounds bound to send you sideways. Mon.Ton’s remix flips the track on its head to produce a punch of raw, underground Techno with hard-hitting synth sounds and blasting kicks and basslines to seal the deal.  With a driving bass and a manic feel to it, Mon.Ton’s remix is a product of what he does best, as he sends your senses into a frenzy and in turn, takes you for a ride and hypnotises you in the best way possible. 

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