Dirty McKenzie – Butterfly (feat. Jenny Lovlein Mix)

Paul Johnson’s ‘Let Me See You Butterfly’ was a classic track during the ‘90s on essential label Dance Mania, and here it gets an official reworking from Dirty McKenzie, the Beirut born, USA based producer who also runs Bass United Recordings.  Given the heft of that label even now, decades later, it must have been a daunting prospect to tackle the track but the results don’t show any signs of that.

The killer original track is deconstructed and rebuilt as a slightly slower, less sleazy, less ghetto version that has Jenny Lovelin re-singing the original’s vocal. It’s a fine job that is sympathetic to the original whilst bringing with it plenty of modern flavours.  There’s jack in the safe_imagebeats, tightness in the smeared synths and kinetics in the groove.  A fine job all round.