OFF Recordings go Supersonic with Betoko

Betoko lab

Betoko – Supersonic EP

Diynamic, WOW! and Louie Fresco’s fledgling MEXA imprint have all been releasing the ever more prominent sounds of Brazilian producer Beto Cohen AKA Betoko recently. Now he turns up on Andre Crom’s respected OFF imprint with his Supersonic EP.

The title track goes first and is a bit of robo-disco funk with prominent chord stabs, whipping steel percussion and a bouncy beat. It’s an early night dazzler that will get dancefloors in the mood and also included is a remix from Tube & Berger. The pair has released on labels like 100% Pure and Area Remote and their remix is a super slow burner that teases and teases before fully erupting. When it does it’s a deep and comforting house shuffler with plenty of minor chord action and some nice rough sounding drums. A fierce two tracker once again from OFF, then.