Mexa bring the noise with Nicola Cruz…


Nicola Cruz – Noise Within Us EP

MEXA has been one of the success stories of recent times thanks to its fresh house offerings, and now the label serves up another truly great EP, this time from Nicola Cruz. It features four tracks of magical electronic music that is far more considered than your average bulky beat.

The title track opens the EP with sultry, low-slung vibes, Italian (is it?) vocals and a haunting air of late night menace. It’s trip hop for 2013 and sure sounds great. ‘Noise Within Us’ is a more traditional track with grounded beats, weirded-out synth sounds and filtered vocals made to sound as dark as the pervading mood. Next up is the scattered rhythm of ‘Part of Them’, which marries well-defined drums with higgledy piggedly percussion to infectious and off kilter effect. Lastly, ‘What You Mean To Me’ is a squelchy bit of hi tech and future funk that pairs synthetic sounds with organic vocals into a compelling, ever shape shifting groove. If you like your house music littered with leftfield ideas and unique sounds, this EP is certainly for you.