Familia promoter and resident Nick Tcherniak talks about their 1 year anniversary


Familia has been filling the monthly Egg London calendar with colour and exuberance over the last year and on 2nd November celebrates a one year anniversary as Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) once again takes over Egg London to the tune of two of the biggest artists around, Cristian Varela and H.O.S.H.

We chat to promoter and resident Nick Tcherniak about the accolade of turning 1.

How has your first year and what have been the highlights so far?

The first year has been amazing, we had a spectacular launch party and it’s just  grown from there. We get the same faces returning again and again, the family is getting bigger! Highlights have been working with some of the biggest and most respected DJs on the planet who I’m pleased to say all want to return to play for us again, it’s very gratifying. Highlights have got to include sets from Uner, Victor Calderone, Gary Beck, our regulars headliners Cristian Varela and Mendo and too many others to mention. The characters that turn up in wacky outfits and painted faces, from the man that bought a giant rave horn which made the most fantastic sound to another to chose to wear a decorated box on his head all give the party the feel that really anything could happen. For me personally DJing at a party I’m the Promoter for is particularly rewarding but above all the proudest moments has to be time after time seeing the dancefloor filled with people with their hands in the air.

Tell us about your birthday showcase, what can we expect?

So excited about our Birthday, Cristian Varela has been a corner stone of our Ground Floor Famlia sound, he played at our launch party and this time he will be playing an extended 3 hour set. Cristian’s just won Best Techno DJ at the DJ Awards 2013 he’s won many times before but it’s perfect timing he’ll be playing for us just after his recent win. Diynamic’s man of the moment H.O.S.H. will be taking control of the Terrace along with the legendary Mr C. As well as being our birthday, our theme for the night is Day of the Dead so macabre opulence in the most colourful sense will be order of the evening.

How have you adapted to the London clubbing scene as I’m guessing it must be a fickle market to be involved in?

I think by doing exactly what we think will create the best party atmosphere and trying to be constant in delivering it. Egg London has several large dance spaces so it’s possibly to give people who are in to different types of music
what they want all at the same time. Starting a new line at the venue has been the saving grace though as the team behind Egg London are the best.

What can we expect from the you guys in the next year?

We’ve signed an exclusive London resident Fabio Ferro who delivers every time, he’s getting support from Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna Marco Carola with his productions so proud to have him on board, original artwork giving the line visual identity, tour dates starting at The Wood in Belgium and Le Bako in Barcelona , more outstanding headliners and parties in London, it’s an exciting year ahead!