Jammy’s Jaunts: 15.06 – 17.06 – Fachwerk Showcase, Lost Souls & Jaded Ovum Special

Jaunt (jônt, jänt)

n. A short trip or excursion, usually for pleasure; an outing

Plain and Simple’s roving reporter/man about town and clubbing addict Jammy brings you his eye view of the events he was shuffling at in the last week… This time he spent his jaunt at the Fachwerk Showcase at Hidden on Friday, Lost Soul’s hosting EGG on Saturday and the Jaded Ovum Records Special at Cable on Sunday morning.

Jammy and the Fachwerk crew

Hey and welcome to Jammy’s Jaunts! A weekly round-up of my weekend’s proceedings! This weekend consisted of the Fachwerk Showcase at Hidden, Lost Souls at Egg and the very special Ovum afterhours at Jaded. A very busy weekend indeed! To start off this week’s Jaunts, I began at the Fachwerk party at a club that I haven’t been before called ‘Hidden’. Location was in South London and it was decent sized club with a pretty good soundsystem. It was very clear and powerful. I was quite impressed! They usually hold Drum and Bass and Dubstep nights there and it was interesting to how a Techno night would fare there. I arrived round half midnight and the second arch was filling up nicely but my interest focussed mainly on the Fachwerk first arch. The set times were as follows: Richard Aki 22:00 – 23:00, Ouzo 23:00 – 00:00, Roman Lindau 00:00 – 02:00, Mike Dehnert 02:00 – 04:00, Sascha Rydell 04:00 – 06:00. As I entered the main room, I could instantly tell that this was going to be a good night. The thunderous bass of Lindau quickly filled the room. Techno on a Friday is difficult and they certainly seemed to pull it off. The room filled early and quickly and everyone one seemed to be having a good time and the vibes were certainly there! The only time I venture south of the river would be to go to the odd warehouse party, Cable or spending on the night, Ministry. It was nice to check out a new venue and to be honest; I would only ever go back there if it was a techno night.

As Lindau finished off, the main attraction of the night came on: Mike Dehnert who runs and owns Fachwerk records who were celebrating their 25th record. He started at 2am and went on for 2 hours. It was the second time I have seen him play; the first time was last year at an EarToGround night. The techno kept rolling and as he was playing it was nice to have a chat outside in the smoking area with Lindau and Rydell. It was really cool and surreal at the same time and people forget that DJ’s are just human after all and they like enjoying the things ‘normal’ people do and it’s nice to see that. Lindau and Rydell were very humble and were comfortable chatting to people outside and they carried on talking and greeting fellow fans who were out especially for the Fachwerk night. As an even special treat, I got my photo snapped with the both of them, so doubly chuffed on the night. So as Dehnert finished Rydell came on for the last part and half way into his set he began a back to back session with Lindau and it was great to see this, as they certainly enjoyed it and began grooving behind the decks! I really loved it and as the time passed the crowd grew thinner and thinner, but that didn’t matter as the Techno continued to flow and that’s all that really mattered! After all this was the first time all three were together and played together in London. I eventually bowed out around 530am and was very satisfied after a Techno filled Friday night.

The next stop in my weekend adventure was the Lost Souls showcase at Egg on Saturday night. The lineup consisted of the Lost Souls founders and residents Chris Stanford alongside Antony Difrancesco, with special headliner Rebekah and EarToGround’s Dax J. I arrived around 1am… Egg isn’t really a club that I would normally go to if I’m honest. They do have the odd decent night there sometimes from time to time, so nevertheless, if a right crowd and right music is there, then there you go… But back to the music. Never been to a Lost Souls party before when it was at Public Life a few years ago so it was nice to see the night at Egg and hopefully Lost Souls making a comeback very soon?! So Chris and Antony went B2B and warmed up proceedings to set the night off and it was special to see a different vibe in Egg and not full on techno being played earlier on. This set the tone and as the Lost Souls rooms filled up the crowd were really up for it and the grooves that Chris and Antony were laying down really complimented each other. The real highlight of the night was the performance of Rebekah (8 Sided Dice/ Naked Lunch/ Lost Souls). By the time Rebekah came on, the crowd were ready for Techno and this was certainly provided in the form of the most thunderous tracks I have heard in a while! I could have danced all night (and I did!) to the techno that was played. Every track seemed to be even better than the track before and it certainly was a treat to see Rebekah play and I think this was the first time also, so thoroughly pleased and definitely will catch her playing again. It was a good weekend for techno and I haven’t stopped there yet! She was a great name to be playing for Lost Souls. By the time Rebekah came off the decks the bar was raised and it was down to EarToGround’s very own Dax J to close proceedings and he surely did, by absolutely destroying the room with his lethal brand of Techno. Definite next level stuff and I was absolutely in my element! It’s rewarding to see a DJ enjoying the music that he/she plays and the buzz that they get from the crowd. Dax really got things going and the techno was spot on. Really raw, powerful and energetic. Just the way it should be and the right way to have continued after Rebekah. What a weekend so far and things got even better as the last stop of the weekend was the Ovum Showcase with Martin Buttrich and Gregor Tresher at Jaded.

Following on from the Lost Souls showcase at Egg was the Ovum special at Jaded with special guest’s Martin Buttrich and Gregor Tresher in the main room and residents Raymundo Rodriguez and Chris Stanford alongside Charlotte Michelle11th. This Jaded was certainly very busy this week and by the time I arrived the balcony room was packed with Raymundo Rodriguez really spreading the feel good music vibes across the room! I knew that Jaded would end an amazing weekend of Techno and I wasn’t wrong! By 730am, the main room open and Martin Buttrich started and he truly was incredible. Playing live he really caught the Jaded faithful and the Ovum fans who had come out to experience this incredible performance. It was a shame that he only played for an hour but already I’m sure he is a Jaded favourite and will definitely be invited back very soon! The last treat of the morning belonged to Gregor Tresher. First time I have seen him play and continuing from Martin Buttrich he truly excelled! He played really hard and groovy and everyone loved it, it was such a special Jaded, one that you really had to be at, to fully understand how good it was. Wow, writing this has certainly taken me back and what a great Techno filled weekend it really was! Enjoy! Same time, next week..?