‘So Long Sunshine’ says Jay Lumen…


Jay Lumen
‘So Long Sunshine’ – Off Recordings

Jay Lumen is someone very much on the rise. Impressive DJ sets and floor filling productions mean he is turning more and more heads, and with this poised and polished EP of reserved house bangers on Andre Crom’s always chart topping OFF, he has hit on another formula for success.

‘Nobody’ opens the EP with a touch of garage shuffles to it. The bassline is a killer one too, all round and rubbery it winds its way between way MAW style drums and shooting vocals that help take you even higher. To Be Different sure is that, and in place of the uplifting house vibes of the opener this one is all dirty and tense, pumping and loopy in the style of a prime 100% record straight outta tech house capital Amsterdam. Plenty of drum tension and diving synths make this a hugely infectious groove. Last but not least is the title track, which manages to be propulsive and physical at the same time as having a sensitive side awash with loved-up pianos and sultry female vocals. It’s a great way to end another winning EP.