Mr G ‘Danceholics EP’


Mr G ‘Danceholics EP’

Digital / Limited vinyl

Holic Trax / Released April 2012


What does it sound like? 

If ever someone could be described as a stalwart it’s Mr G. Skip back over a decade and he’s making the kind of repetitive, groove-infused tech house that saw releases like his (possible never bettered) No Summer EP on The End’s label, whilst in the here and now he’s still unleashing all manner of slightly off-centre rolling rhythms.

Arguably his more recent work on imprints like Rekids represents the most accessible in his oeuvre, with this cut on London party Holic’s new record releasing arm is certainly no exception. But then even with very little to offend or divide there’s something strangely unique about what can, and always has, only been describable as house (apart from when he makes techno, of course).

Don’t Give Up is a pretty useful example of this- think warm, Wiggle-esque baritones, crackly lyrical chops and soulful vocal loops creating fresh, summertime vibes. There’s also a dub included in the package, just in case you don’t like to here people’s voices. It’s not all quite so heads-up though, as the title track takes things deeper into the cosmos, all filtered synths diving into dubby beats complete with imposing organ stabs, whilst Guidance (T2 Edit), which takes us even closer to the producer’s past, marrying human hooks (of the ravey, female kind) with stripped kicks, a staccato low end, and sheet after sheet of propellant hi-hats.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

Guidance (T2 Edit) is one of the finer tracks we’ve heard from Mr G in quite some time which, considering the quality of his output overall, is both a great compliment and a clear sign of where the finest goods can be found.

Where can I buy it? 

Decent record stores.