DoubtingThomas releases four track EP as debut for Catch Recordings…


DoubtingThomas – The Fall
Catch Recordings – October 7th

Catch is a brand new label run by Rob Chadwick and Brett Sinclair. The first release comes from Frenchman Doubting Thomas aka Aurelien Riviere who has so far released on labels like Little Helpers and 31337 records, in the process proving himself to be someone with a very unique understanding of minimal deep house sounds. His first EP for Catch is no different with four tracks offering plenty of great moods and grooves.

Bite The Bullet is a moody brew of clicky rhythms and real world found sounds like the sound of bells and tinkling glass.. A rubbery kick drum rolls below and plenty of off kilter snare hits remind you of the likes of Villalobos or early Cadenza material.

Your Name Here is another feathery light, subtle track of minimal rhythms and wavy, undulating grooves that is detailed with plenty of minute digital FX and the gentle patter of percussion drawn out over nine minutes of naturally evolving bliss.

La Métamorphose is a dark soundscape from an alien planet, with the sound of space ships landing and other occult little noises peppering the landscape. Glowing pads add a little light to the dark as the kick drum rolls on, forever hypnotising as it goes.

Finally, last track The Fall creaks and groans as a Middle Eastern sounding wail gets draped over the top of organic drum hits, lingering horn notes and more cute little FX. This is tightly programmed and detailed music that flows with a liquid grace. A fine debut EP from Catch, then.