Timewarp team with Studio 80 for the ADE series…


Time Warp and Welcome to the Future are joining forces to revive one of the most iconic warehouses of Amsterdam. With a streak of events spanning every night of ADE, each with it’s own line up that’s bound to drop jaws and going on ‘till 08:00 in the morning, we proudly present you: the Studio 80 Warehouse.

Back in the day, it all started in the Warehouses. Dark corners. Ominous hallways. Spaces that were suited to a new kind of music, steadily winning the minds of people all over the world. Connecting, forming new friendships and not discerning or discriminating in any way. This was something new. Not only were techno and house new styles of music, they formed a new way of thinking, a new way of living. In time, this select group of people grewinto the scene that we know today. Spanning the globe, entertaining millions and still changing lives.

The warehouses played a key role in this take over. Providing the first real places for the early ravers to get together and dance the nightsaway. In Amsterdam, one of the key spaces back in the day was located at the Elementenstraat near Amsterdam Westpoort. The intimacy and atmosphere still not rivaled by many of todays clubs. You can still feel the parties pulsing through the building’s veins. For the Amsterdam Dance Event 2013, Welcome to the Future, Time Warp and Studio 80 are breathing new life in to the Elementenstraat warehouse, bringing you the S80 Warehouse: a 5 day marathon of parties of legendary stature.

Combining the best line up imaginable with perfect sound, effective lighting, a great crowd and an intimate location full of history. No high barriers, no fancy dancers, no bullshit. These are the events for the real enthusiasts. People that know their music and know how to build an amazing night together. Enjoying the pure basics on the highest level. That’s it. No more. No less.

Who could we see performing under these conditions? Every day of ADE has their own legend performing at the S80 Warehouse. Heroes of international stature, backed up by international friends and the most talented artists from the Dutch scene. Two rooms filled up to the brim with artists you can’t afford to miss, night after night. Ricardo Villalobos, Laurent Garnier, Loco Dice,Dubfire, Chris Liebing and will be the stars of the week.

Such a high concentration of artists that matter, combined with the open character of the event truly makes this the meeting point for the international scene at ADE. A pure party, unspoiled by all kinds of unnecessary nonsense. The artists within your reach at an awesome location, with the teams of Time Warp and Welcome to the Future providing sound and lights. What more could you wish for? A new institution will rise during the week of ADE. Don’t miss out.

WELCOME TO THE FUTURE & TIME WARP PRESENTS STUDIO 80 WAREHOUSE Wednesday 16th of October – Sunday 20th of October, Elementenstraat 25, Amsterdam

Complete line-up: Loco Dice (DE), Ricardo Villalobos (CL), Dubfire (USA), Chris Liebing (DE), Laurent Garnier (FR), Audion (USA), Tiga (CA), Miss Kittin (FR), Karotte (DE), Oliver Huntemann (DE), Robert Dietz (DE), Hector(DE), Benny Rodrigues (NL), Shaded live (USA), Carlo Lio (CA), San Proper (NL), Lauhaus (NL), Anonym (USA), Renato Ratier (BRA), Tapesh (DE), Dimi Angelis (NL), Juan Sanchez (NL), Man With No Shadow (NL), Olivier Weiter (NL) and many more.