Sasha and James Teej ‘Bring On The Night EP’

Sasha and James Teej / ‘Bring On The Night EP’ 


Last Night On Earth / Released March 2012


What does it sounds like? 

The Man Like teams up with rising (or risen?) star James Teej (of Plain & Simple fave My Favourite Robot Records) to deliver something that quite amazingly makes perfect sense. So no epic progressive monsters set to groovy vocals then?

Well, actually that’s kind of what it is, but the arrangements work unquestionably well, albeit with less of the ‘monster’ present, and more of the dark, atmospheric build that, if heard in a club, fans of Sasha know usually means he’s going to play a decent set. A tense opening then on Night Track, all beacon-like basslines, stripped beats and whispered words, growing into waves of synth and acid hooks.

There’s also another original track included, namely As You Fall, which opts for more roll, less plod, and a focus placed firmly on melody, as oppose to brooding ambience, stepping to within just a few feet of deep electro territory. Finally M.A.N.D.Y. get on the remix tip, taking the first offering, easing the tempo and lightening the mood a little to fit more with their percussive, naturalistic stylings.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

Top of the pile has to be opener Night Track, simply for what it could do in the right place, at the right time.

Where can I buy it?