Roost heads to Relay

If you haven’t checked the space yet, Relay is the forgotten third arch of Cable which is now operating as its brand new sister venue. The arch has the sort of atmosphere, layout and sound system that quite simply does not disappoint!

First up on the line-up is Gerry Read, since  Roost first picked up on Gerrys’ first Ramp Recordings release Legs/Untitled they have been hooked. He joins us to play an exclusive live set which he will be performing across Europe in the forthcoming months.

Recent reviews have summarised his style as an ode to the art form of sampling and they are not wrong! With his signature grainy production, choice selected vocal samples, tight swing patterns and THAT hi hat!!. He just manages to effortlessly work loops perfectly. In his relatively short time he is up there with sample masters such as Soundstream. More recently he has been picked up by Delsin to release the Yeah Come Dance Ep. The title track is a classy beat down groover and “crookeds” jazz flow is shuffled along with the signature hat.

Other tracks dominating the floors from Mr Read include a recent collaboration with Toronto based Kevin Mcphee “Demolition Man”, and a solo outing in the form of a very limited release on Ramp “90’s Prostitution Racket”.

Next up is Trevino, which is the alias of DnB legend Marcus Intalex who needs no introduction. Marcus is no stranger to house and techno, always producing different sounds alongside his D&B productions, he has dropped cracking house releases such as “Taking Over Me’, which was released on secretsundaze sampler released last summer.

His new project as Trevino is based on an approach to step away from the trend, and quite literally experiment and let the music do the talking. He first dropped a superb 12 “Chip” on 3024 which you could simply describe as future music. With the project really in its early days he is already gaining huge respect from artists including Ben UFO, Scuba, Paul Woolford, Boddika to name but a few. Several podcasts have recently been dropped as promo and are packed full of forthcoming material which include “Tweakanomics” which floored Crucifix Lane when dropped by both Paul Woolford & Boddika.

And of course Roost residents James and Tristan will be on hand to support. The pair behind Roost have started as they mean to go on – it’s all about the music, atmosphere and venues to suit. The residents bring the sort of sounds which have been warming the cockles perfectly at the Roost parties all year. Shifting between the deeper side of House, Techno and plenty of other influences to boot, the selections are always sitting on the fence of genres and delving ever deeper into the fresh forward thinking sounds and older House and Techno influences.

2012 has a lot of exciting news and developments from Roost- we’ll keep you posted!