Dosem ‘Origin b/w Freed’

Dosem / Origin b/w Freed


Tronic / Released July 2011


What does it sound like? 

For those unfamiliar with Dosem’s recent (Choice Cut) album the soundtrack straddles techno and progressive house, and while those are arguably not the most approachable of genres under the yellow lights of a backstreet, his music is at once emotive, uplifting, immersive and wholly danceable. Alongside the drive and propulsion so sorely missing from much modern production work breakdowns are breakdowns, melodies melodies, and, when appropriate, lyrics lyrics.

A far cry from today’s standard of moodiness and minute details here he achieves those results once more thanks to a filtered beat intro, building to one hell of a huge drop into (dare it be said) hands in the air synth territory as the engrossing harmonies of Origin spiral every which way but down. Tune indeed. Turn it over to read a slightly different story, one that rolls and grooves as much as anything. Stepping forward with some thundering drums and an atmosphere that’s all heads down, darkroom four four fare, an eerie vocal refrain slowly reveals itself as something of a hook set to an immediately compulsive rhythm making for a menacing, brooding and vocal outing that will be all about putting in a little extra work at a few 4ams in the near future. Or at least we hope so anyway.

Where would I dance to it? 

The year 2000, in the best possible, least offensive way. On more serious notes the likes of Digweed, Garnier, and, of course, Tronic leaning techno players the world over should find themselves hammering both these two tunes, though it’s safe to say the opening instalment will always be the most memorable.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

While fading into the background is never something a great tune should do Freed is less filler, more stripped powerhouse, and so would most likely move these feet the most. However, if you’re looking for an outright mainroom anthem, Origin wears the label on its sleeve.

Why should I pay for it? 

Because it deserves to be bought.

Where can I buy it?