Rainbow Arabia ‘Without You’

Rainbow Arabia / ‘Without You’

Digital / Vinyl

Kompakt / Released February 21st 2011

It seems things have taken a turn for the poppier at Kompakt recently, which is by no means a bad thing if this taster from LA duo Rainbow Arabia is anything to go by. Truth be known, we’ve scarcely heard such an upbeat, anthemic and wholly repeatable piece of synth goodness in quite some time.

Unsurprising then that the act have confirmations at some of the world’s more discerning music expos, not least Texas’ SXSW. With just two like-minded versions of the same track available on this release, it’s success will be purely down to the quality of music, as oppose to generosity of the package, with everyone from electro-fashionistas to cheese on toast party people sure to find something worthwhile within.

It’s with rather cataclysmic drums that the single and alternative readings begin. Before long sequenced strings bring on the air of mild euphoria, while cascading keys add further emotion. Enter a powerful band of bassline, heartfelt vocals worthy of any 80s Hollywood montage (transferred into the modern age via the wonder that is Casio’s contemporary equipment), and you’ve got something that’s perfect for pretty much anywhere.

Though infinite similarities can be drawn, we’d have to opt for the original, simply on structure alone. It’s less dance focused, adding greater diversity of percussion, with more peaks and troughs. Be warned though, the epic closure of both is disappointing, purely for the fact you don’t really want the experience to end. March 1st is the date for the full-length release, meaning the start of spring is looking decidedly sunnier.