Audiofly ‘Fela’

Audiofly / ‘Fela’


Get Physical Music / Released February 21st 2011

Booka Shade’s legendary imprint has provided dance culture with all manner of household names. Now nine years old, it’s back catalogue spans stepping breakbeat to micro house and deep grooves, which is why it makes sense that the latest track from one of the label’s biggest assets comes complete with enough different riddims to satisfy anyone looking for any of those styles. Well, almost.

While a breaks mix would be nice, Audiofly’s own original does hark back to millennium era Tyrant, early into their set. Warm synths, classic vocal loops, and organs of moderate lunacy all feature, as does layered percussion and a heads down, slightly exotic feel, referencing both the old school acid house flavour of 808 State and contemporary broken house of the Soul Clap variety.

Which is in some contrast to Tiefschwarz’s interpretation. Their last album wasn’t exactly what you’d call dancefloor directed, and while this isn’t a return to the days of electroclash and harsh hoovers, there’s a full on driving tip dominating the affair as we’re treated to reverse vocal hooks, ‘tune-up’ breakdowns, and a solid, chunky kick that’s all about fists punching the air and hips shaking to the sound of wooden sticks, if you know what we’re saying.

Finally we have Davide Squillace, who presents the heaviest outing on here with his ‘Simple Chaos Remix’. It’s got a similar vibe to the work of Sis, as flat, solid drums stomp out something like a tribal tempo, complete with vocal stabs, lyrical drops and enough jack to file this under suitable for Chicago. From the home-listening A, to the club cuts B and C, it’s all good, and no doubt set to soundtrack a variety of parties over the next few weeks.