Angel Moraes is back with a new single

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 11.35.03
Angel Moraes ft. Chanel ‘Stay With Me’
GFY Black Label / October 2013
Kenny Summit & Lenny RX continue to dish out the audible surprises on their new GFY Black Label with their second release coming from NYC House music legend, Angel Moraes! ‘Stay With Me’ comes with distinctive 90’s piano house feel and features the lovely soulful vocals of Chanel, backed by dreamy synth sweeps and a catchy bass groove over pressure beats. Kenny Summit & Abdul Shakir get creative on a West Coast deep vibe, throwing a smoking male spoken word into the mix, creating a whole new story! Also on the package Lenny RX & Justin Time opt for an atmospheric melancholic vibe delivering a Deepah Dub laced with dark synth washes and percussive tribal beats and topping off the package, W. Jeremy takes us back to the old school with his techy Dub Dance Mix.
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