Review: Julien Parise ‘Dirty Symphony’

Julien Parise / ‘Dirty Symphony’

12″ / Download

Missive Music / Released October 1st

As aptly titled as they come, what the latest A-side from France’s eleven-year-old Missive Music doesn’t offer by way of subtlety is made up for by the variety of remixes provided. While the original adopts a wholly pumping ethic, the alternatives offer opiate soundscapes and heads-down cellars in equal measure.

There’s no denying that Parise has his sights set firmly on the dancefloor with his first release on the label this year. A punching beat spanks your ears as a lunging hoover bass descends. Part Eric Prydz, part proggy groover, when the infectious fret strings of the eponymous symphony finally hit it’s difficult not to imagine fists doing the same to club ceilings across the country.

Elsewhere a more padded, tech interpretation is provided from fellow Frenchmen Remain. And more glitchy spirals are drawn with the rave horns endemic in Aymeric G’s remix, which starts as a muffled builder before kicking into driving, ricky-ticky techno that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Mark Henning set. Top marks must go to Kevin Scherschels, though, who rips up the Symphony rulebook, forsaking accessibility for a deep and dreamy slice of downtempo progressive trance that immediately brings a rather euphoric smile to the face.