Pedramovich ‘Deal With It EP’

Pedramovich / Deal With It EP


Save You Records / Released October 2011


What does it sound like? 

A generous five tracks are served up, or rather three and two remixes, including one from Get the Curse boss (and one of the few people we’re told to watch who’s actually worth their weight in recommendations), Clement Meyer. And it’s a celebration of darkroom house’s resurgence, for the most part anyway.

Pedram Mehrshahi, as Pedramovich is known to those closest to him, is an Iranian-born, Sheffield-based producer who’s opener here, Sizemore, throbs like a dubby Kompakt cut, complete with barritone male sample, and throws out accents in line with John Tejada’s bouncier, upbeat but not-so-electro work. It’s this remit that dominates track two too, as titler Deal With It‘s staccato bassline techs-up up the Wurlitzer-led, flat-footed stomper.

The final original cut, Parmigani Esperanzo, opts for something far jazzier, as dreamy tones spread subtly over a plodding but groovy low end and kick combination, all the while lackadaisical piano keys provide the melody. Then there’s Mr Meyer’s re-rub of Sizemore, in which we’re taken down slightly more party-focused roots, if the soiree is full of heads down house fans, before Shenoda steps in with the Machine Love remix of Deal With It, and everything goes very warm, and very Chicago.

Where would I dance to it? 

House venues here, there, and everywhere.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

Saving the best to last seems to have been the plan here, because despite the EP coming without a bad track the Shenoda reading has greater emotional qualities, and as such will provide one of those dancefloor moments where a hundred faces smile to themselves knowlingly.

Why should I pay for it? 

Five tunes?

Where can I buy it?