Neville Watson ‘One Four Green’


Neville Watson / One Four Green 

Vinyl / Digital 

Teng / Released March 2013


A host of remixers join in the action as one of the more talented, albeit often unsung faces on the UK club scene returns with a track he first unveiled during 2011, here made fresh for the current year. And, whilst we would have probably recommended the original re-released on its own anyway, there’s no denying the revised additions make for a truly memorably offering.

Clean, crisp- and relatively stripped considering it’s a synth dominated, acid-tinged number- One For Green will do right by anyone who enjoys futurist electro-tech-house. Forsaking the micro-canon’s often garish associations in favour of a gradually building symphony of space instruments (or, most probably, Rolands and the like), it provides a fantastic starting point for those lucky enough to have been roped into a rework.

Not least Deep Space Orchestra, who get to turn it into a larger, more melodic but no less muscular affair that veers from jacking rhythms to harmonious crescendos. Nigel Rogers also does a decent job, with the man known as Perseus Traxx opting for more of a dub tone to his reading, meanwhile one half of Paranoid London, Johnny Aux, decides to take the intensity down even more, providing an elec-poppy, Four Tet-esque interpretation. An impressive package, now go and buy the thing.