The Weekend’s Reviews: JADED


Sun 1st Aug 2010

After the madness over at the PRYDA party we walked (OK – staggered) round the corner to Cable. a short walk that involved picking up a huge cardboard tube and bellowing “cheekyweasel” through it at the passers by, a few collapsing ankle incidents and a short tumble into the gutter, a quick seat on someone’s motorbike to have some “hilarious” photos taken (alright you lot – its was now 6am and anything was funny at that point) and Iots of complaints about hurting feet/are we nearly there yet. I hadn’t been to Jaded for months so was really, really looking forward to it.

We arrived to see the smiling faces of Krista and Theresa and quickly clattered our way though to the basslines we could hear from inside. The last time I went the party was in the main room, but this time round they are in the smaller bar room, I have to say I massively approve! I found the main room a little cold and stark to be honest, and I always think you need something a bit more intimate at an afterparty or it all feels a bit too much for the old brain at that stage in the proceedings. Being confined to 1 room also means you don’t spend all morning traipsing round looking for your mates! The bar room also has this really cool mezzanine level just up some stairs, its got loads of comfy seats and its a great place to chill out, have a sit down and make friends with randoms (which we did as it was very nice crowd). The lighting is really nice in there too and it felt very cosy and friendly, definitely somewhere I had no problem staying for hours!

The soundsystem is pumping at Cable and the dancefloor downstairs was rocking the whole morning. The music on the night was so, so good – this was courtesy of Tim Sheridan, Tim Gale, Raymundo Rodriguez, Deporto and KillEmillo. We only sat down a few times and that was literally cos our feet were hurting! If the music is like that every week then I’m sold as a regular. There were no dark, moody sounds that you sometimes find at afterparties. It was all driving, bumpy energetic and darn danceable, exactly what you need at that hour – anything else makes me nod off!! I do have to give an extra big up to Tim Gale and Raymundo who closed the party – that was by far my fave set of the night. If all this wasn’t evidence enough how much we enjoyed it – I have to tell you that we literally stayed there until they turned the music off and kicked us all out! The whole morning was exactly what you should get from an afterparty, sore feet, ringing ears and some brand new pals!! Perfect!

Photos courtesy of Vickie Parker – for more CLICK HERE

Jaded is on every Sun morn from 5am-1pm at Cable
For earlybird £8 list Text names to 07815 886 309

Cable London/ 33A Bermondsey Street, London, SE1



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