Vollmer & Brendel ‘Influenze’

Vollmer & Brendel / ‘Influenze’


Lust und Freu.de Musik / Released December 14th 2010

A worthy addition to any Christmas list, as if Santa’s come early there’s a beautifully presented parcel of toybox techno under the tree. Germany’s Lust serve up a thigh-slappingly danceable release just in time for New Year’s Eve, so let’s get to it.

The original more than wins out for us. After taking little to no time in setting the percussive pace, there are very few places to go in terms remixing within the same sound. The fact that Someone Else, another name responsible for countless tracks of this style, is also on here therefore seems like a waste of time. That said, the latter offers more patience, and a deeper atmosphere in comparison with the busy-bee beats of the first.

Antonio Olivieri also has a bash at re-imagining things, here taking things into the cosmos. Bass and kick are still very much present and correct, as are soaring synths and some nicely worked drum rolls. Think Kompakt at the disco and you’re in the right ballpark. All in all, a highly worthwhile outing from an increasingly reliable camp.