Chainsmokers ‘Somebody’ Remixed By Tony Sixx

Supported by The Chainsmokers themselves, Tony Sixx produces a fire remix of the evocative ‘Somebody’ featuring vocals from Drew Love. Gaining a name for his remix work, Tony Sixx shows once again that industry titans are picking up on his sound and his fan base continues to grow. After remixing Dua Lipa’s ‘IDGAF’ to raving reviews, this track is his latest project.

Starting with gorgeous tones on layered pads and synths, the mood is immediately set. As the vocals enter and the track builds, the drop hits like a train. Powerful bass, Big Room percussion and evocative synthesis, it has everything. The changing of tempo throughout the track helps create different themes as the track progresses. Moving between multiple genres effortlessly, Tony Sixx creates a track which sounds perfect at home, in the car or in the club. A hard art to master, he manages to create the perfect remix of an original track which was already amazing.

Championing his own unique sound, and proving he plans to push his sound as much as possible this year, Tony Sixx is taking continuous steps to promote his work and push him self further and further. With a turn around like this, and tracks this good, expect to hear a lot more from him before the year ends. The remix is available to download for free now at the link below.

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