Celvin X Unveils ‘Frequency Curves’

Celvin X returns with ‘Frequency Curves’ via Amigos Recordings. After a substantial break from the music scene, the dynamite producer is back is fine fashion. With his inspiration lying in the pillars of early Electronic music, his sound is so refined and classic it truly is inimitable.

Releasing on the Amigos ‘BOX12’ compilation, he is in good company alongside 3Abdelkader, Gustavo Peluzo and A.Paul, amongst many others. ‘Frequency Curves’ immediately hits the listener as a sonic journey, exploring the depths of Dance music like not many producers can. Potent percussion takes hold alongside constant and understated synthesis, infectious and addictive. Rising and falling but keeping its core as a constant, the track is reminiscent of the early Electronic artists Celvin X cites as influences. However, he transcends this sound and adds in progressive and modern Techno elements that add an entirely new flavor to proceedings.

Celvin’s experience in this genre and the Electronic music industry as a whole, cannot be overstated. His return to the scene has immediately excited many fans, new and old alike, and his busy summer schedule is likely to make a statement of his future intent. Celvin X is back and he is here to stay.

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