Matthew Schultz X Gyptian – Promise For Keeps (Electric Bodega Remix)

New York based recording artist and producer Matthew Schultz impressed the growing EDM industry with his original track ‘Promise For Keeps’ earlier this year. Evocative, beautiful and genre transcendent, the track was immediately popular with fans and showed a plethora of people about exactly what Matthew Schultz does best – provide incredible, forward thinking Bass music. With over a million streams in its first week online, the track was a bonafide hit in the digital realm.

Now, we present the remix. Combining with Gypitan and Electric Bodega, Matthew creates an entirely new vibe on the original smasher. Immediately hitting the listener with the original vocal and smooth synthesis. Brass stabs join the mix, adding more energy and acting as the perfect precursor to the breakdown. Building with the vocals, the percussion grows before the drop hits. Reggaeton inspired rhythm oozes out of the track, and the main flute sample enters alongside plenty of bass. With a melody sure to be stuck in your head hours after listening, the drop has everything you could possible want. Powerful and addictive in nature, but not over complicated – Matthew strikes gold with this. The track is strengthened with its tight mixdown, typical of these producers, and their innovative sounds create something special to behold.

Creating something this special and instantly infectious is a talent possessed by only a few, but these guys have collaborated and composed an absolute diamond of a track. Avaialble on Matthew’s own label, the track is available to stream and download now. Be sure to support these talented artists on their social platforms and show some love.

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