Ken Bauer – ‘Sacrifice’ Released

If you’re looking for a track that epitomises the new sound of Future Rave – we might be able to help. Swedish Ken Bauer is delivering his latest fresh cut and it is an absolute banger. There is a reason this producer is on the lips of some of the industry’s biggest names. ‘Sacrifice’ is […]

ALWZ SNNY Remix Krysta Youngs’ ‘Love Me’

After 2020’s collaboration ‘Wasted’, we are happy to say that Krysta Youngs and ALWZ SNNY are teaming up again. This time, the latter is remixing Krysta’s track ‘Love Me’. And oh boy does it deliver the goods. Starting with simple but catchy melodies, the track grows slowly and captures the listener with subtle chord progressions […]

Jonjo Drake Releases ‘Mercy/Dangerous’ (Featuring Toma Hawk Remix)

Jonjo Drake is the young producer from Merseyside (UK) who has been making waves in the Techno scene. His latest release on Lakota Music is the most recent in a string of seriously heavy beats which beautifully combine traditional Techno traits with more modern, Industrial sounds. ‘Dangerous’ is an anthemic, grizzly Techno beast which oozes […]

‘Suenos’ New Heat from Jacob Colon, Sted-E and Hybrid Heights

The combination of some of New York’s finest dance music talents. High energy House music which you’ll NEED to get up and dance to. Sound good? Well, Sted-E, Hybrid Heights and Jacob Colon have you covered. ‘Suenos’ is the adrenaline-fuelled, atmospheric banger we’d been waiting for. Releasing on the 12th February on Juicy Music, this […]

Jacob Colon Drops ‘Don’t Stop’

US based DJ/Producer Jacob Colon is going from strength to strength. After a big 2020 showing the world his blend of Latin American sounds with House music, he is back in 2021 to release ‘Don’t Stop’ featuring Katiahshe. This release is just the latest showcase of Colon’s talents, which continues to grow with each release. […]

‘Fly’ by Alex Messina

Alex Messina has started off 2021 in the same way he ended last year. Consistently moving forwards and looking to grow as an artist, he delivers an anthem built for this Summer’s outdoor parties and (hopefully) concerts. This latest self-released song is a full throttled throwback to times gone by. ‘Fly’ is an effortlessly beautiful […]

NEW: Jacob Colon’s ‘Made to Move’ Radio Show

Looking to start 2021 off on the right foot? Look no further. Jacob Colon is the New York based DJ and Producer who made the most of 2020 by tearing up the airwaves with his Made to Move monthly shows. Featuring elements and inspirations from within Latin American music, he has carved out a name […]

Toma Hawk – January Shows on Lakota Radio

By now, we’ve come to expect nothing but bangers from Toma Hawk’s radio shows on Lakota Radio. Yet, we still end up surprised with just how great these mixes continue to be. Big expectations but even bigger beats, every week. January saw a continued string of mixes with fantastic guests delivering some serious Techno vibes […]

Naizon’s ‘Naiz:On Air’ January Shows

There is a reason Naizon has played shows all over the world in his few years producing and DJing. The talented creative has a flair for breaking boundaries and is always moving forwards with his sounds. This mix series is no exception. Big beats, remixes and an eclectic mix of tracks from the past and […]

Black Eyed Peas – I Just Can’t Get Enough (Raved Remix)

  Up and coming artist Raved has completely transformed The Black Eyed Peas iconic tune ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ into an electro, synth pop 80’s inspired production. This incredible transformation starts off with a cinematic feel and a revamped melody line that builds, making the listener expect a huge drop to happen however this build […]