Acumen – Between the Lines EP

Although he has released plenty up to now, this new EP from French producer Acumen, born Antoine Garcin, might be his bets yet. It comes on the Time Has Changed label on which he releases most often and is backed with two stunning remixes from Whomi and Matthias Meyer.

Between the Lines is a firing bit of house music stuffed with ideas, synths, percussion and weird samples. It rattles and glows, sounds hollow yet fulsome, and really tingles those nerve endings. Matthias Meyer gets to work on it and makes it into a wibbly wobbly bit of tech that never stays in one place for too long, and Whomi remixes it into something stripped of the drama. This version is deeper, more hip swinging and for later in the night. The other two inclusions are both original tracks from Acumen. The first is a dirty and ghetto tinged bit of hi tech funk. Called Charlotte on the Rooftop is features plenty of flipping synth lines and well defined drum kicks, and closer That First Feeling is even more rubbery and druggy, like a perfect bit of fuel for the dead of night when dancefloors are at their sweatiest and most direct. A fine EP from a fine producer. acumen btl