Bunny Lake ‘Army of Lovers’

Bunny Lake / ‘Army of Lovers’


Klein Records / Released February 28th 2011

Hailing from Vienna, Bunny Lake received critical acclaim for the recent long-player, The Beautiful Fall, with this single being take from said album. As is the digital way, five alternative versions, or remixes and some might say, are included on the release, meaning the eggs are well and truly distributed across many baskets.

The reworking by New York’s Designer Drugs is perhaps the most standout aside from the original, as an aggressive acidic baritone quivers beneath the searing electro-pop soundscape. It’s big, but in the very welcome way one might describe Ladyhawke as, rather than some horrifically over-produced, attention seeking waste of space.

If size matters to you, fellow Austrians Pola.riot’s interpretation should equally appeal. On the whole it’s a lot darker, with an added hoover, and the lyrics overhauled to take on a near-whispered, cut up form that makes the words more difficult to decipher, not that you’ll be paying much attention there once the runaway rhythms kick in.

London-based Frenchman Jerry Bouthier also does well, distorting melodies and taking things down a gear, while losing none of the dancefloor direction, and A.G. Trio’s Eric Prydz style workout should need no further description. In contrast the Seelenluft reading is, respectively, much more understated, sticking to a bumbling flat four, overplayed with strings, and as such should do well with fans of broken house. But, as we already suggested, if you’re looking to put a fine point on the highlight then stick with the source material. A trip into electric-nights complemented by synth dreams, it’s equally worthy of being heard on BBC 6Music’s playlist, and inside fashionable nightspots the world over.