Sebrok & Tassilo ‘Maschine (& Sian Rmx)’

Sebrok & Tassilo / ‘Maschine (& Sian Rmx)’

Vinyl / Digital

Tronic / Released March 7th 2011

This is Tresor resident Sebrok and Tassilo Ippenberger of Pan Pot appearing on Christian Smith’s imprint. If you can imagine what that sounds like, you’re probably not too far off the mark. Though it would be surprising if those thoughts were quite dark enough.

The original throws alarms and sirens atop a reverbed bassline and white noise, kicking in at some pace and continuing at a menacing, intent tipped tempo from thereon in. If one wanted evidence of why the over 60s probably don’t like techno, then this is one of them- more like a dawn raid than anything we’ve heard in some time, harking back to sweatier, topless, blokey times.

At first it’s pretty difficult to tell any difference between Sian’s closing Umbilical Remix and the original, but under closer examination it becomes clear that if the first were motoring, then this is a runaway train. Bigger, and marginally badder, it’s the ongoing crescendo that turns up the temperature, a la Alexi Delano and Francisco Allendes’ contribution to the Death Is Nothing To Fear 4 EP, making for tough, atmospheric intensity that’s bound to cause some peak time chaos.