Visited – Nick Curly’s ‘Trust’ – A Cosmic Journey To Behold


Another week, another mindblowingly random video to decipher (badly). This week its the brand new release from Germany’s very talented and very good looking: Mr Nick Curly. The track is available for FREE DOWNLOAD!

Strap yourselves in folks, this is one fantastical journey!

Nick Curly is launched, naked and parachute-less from the 8Bit mothership. He torpedoes through earths orbit, admiring stunning visuals of earth. I can only imagine he’s holding his breath. It’s hard to see, but his tiny human eyes must bulging like Cohagen’s death scene  in Total Recall.

As he hurtles through time and space the landscape changes abruptly. He streaks through blood capillaries reminiscent of Dennis Quaid in Innerspace (check it out). The scenery changes once more – again rather dramatically. He flies through the inside of Beetlejuice’s trouser leg at light speed before making the natural transition into his own consciousness. Shit got real. Simultaneously, cosmic sound waves are pumped from the groove laden spaceship (the 8Bit shuttle). These sound waves are busy creating frequencies – I can only hazard a guess here –  that are responsible for the shaping of his incredible journey.

He makes his final passage through tech laden ectoplasm. Like a sock fresh from the dryer, his body has amassed a generous covering of space lint. The voyage ends with Nick landing on a palm tree encrusted tropical island. The moral of the story: trust your crew as they toss you naked from your space shuttle, 200 miles above earths surface. They KNEW you’d land feet first in coconut paradise. Honest.