Marvin Zeyss gets colourful…


Marvin Zeyss – Whatever
Colourful Recordings

Stockholm’s Colourful Recordings is an aptly named label given the wamr, cuddly deep house sounds they have championed on their first releases. Here they get into double figures with Nuremberg’s Marvin Zeyss who lays out three tracks of neon lit, glowing and late night house tracks for the more discerning dancefloors.

The last one might actually be the best – Solitary Life is a molten brew of gloopy chords, lazily swaggering drums and gentle vibes that wash over you time and time again. It also gets remixed by Mario Aurelo ups the pace and intensity and layers in some cosmic deep space baselines in some style. Elsewhere on the EP the opener shimmies along with some loose tambourine sounds and well crafted, crisp and pinging kick drums, balancing on the edge between warm up and more peak time perfectly, The other original is Thinking of You which moves along at a nice pace with glowing melodies in its wake as the rooted kick drums and streaming synths all sound nicely in a rush without ever getting to sweaty or uninviting. A fine EP from a fine talent on a fine label, frankly!