Ramon Tapia becomes a house gangster…


Ramon Tapia – Intense
I’m A House Gangster

Fast rising Belgian producer Ramon Tapia takes a step up to the next level of his career with a new EP, Intense, for DJ Sneak’s influential I’m A House Gangster label. First up is Intense Idea, a loopy, deep track with churning bass and unnerving little effects that suck you in over and over. Careful use of filters add a sense of scale to the firmly rooted track and prove he does locked-in grooves like few others.

Next up, By Me is a little more lively, with crisp and pinging kick drums setting the tone as deft percussive flourishes and tension and release synth work adds plenty of drama and narrative to proceedings. Finally, Dancing Bodies ups the ant again, and marries a rounded bottom end to classic hi hat ringlets and some delightfully darting machine quirks. This is tracky, physical music for dancing to, just as has always been the way of the label boss DJ Sneak, but remains thoroughly forward facing and modern.