Samaan ‘Circle (with Vince Watson remix)’


Samaan / Circle (with Vince Watson remix)

Vinyl / Digital 

Fullbarr / Released March 2012


What does it sound like? 

Three tracks and a remix all originally from the deft hands of Belfast producer Samaan, all of which are solid, well made techno sounds that should appeal to everyone, from fans of Craig Richards to the Motor City die hard. The title track opens the scoring, knocking flat-footed four fours and driving percussion together with reversed out synth melodies and a classic, slightly acidic melody hook.

Take a similar style and add a little more dub whilst taking the brakes off the cymbals and you’ve got Doors, a raw and stripped outing that’s not a million miles from the output of another impressive up and comer, namely A Sagittarium. There’s also the far more old school, snare-filled and early Detroit sounding Commodore (need we say more, other than ‘twinkling key harmonies’). Meanwhile, Vince Watson’s retake on Circle sees the often unsung techno hero opt for a gradually building record of simple synth notes and punchy drums, locking us into a groove before dropping anything within earshot into warm atmospheres, making for an unexpectedly big affair.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

To be honest it’s all good.

Where can I buy it?