David Scuba & Mikael Stavostrand ‘Money Dish EP’


David Scuba & Mikael Stavostrand / Money Dish EP 

Vinyl / Digital 

Riff Raff Limited / Released March 2013


The idea of Mr. C remixing Mikael Stavostrand might sound pretty odd. And it is, in theory. But as this thoroughly international release goes to show, the London veteran and Swedish jazz-technoist can find some mutually agreeable ground on this Las Vegas imprint.

In truth it’s probably more down the Scandinavian’s route then that of the British remixer, but nevertheless there’s a ravey overtone in the key harmony of Money Dish as remixed by the former Shamen man, and a tighter beat structure compared with its source material. Helped along with David Scuba’s whispered vocals, it’s funky, stepping and wholeheartedly accessible.

However, the loose drums and atmospherics of the original surpass that reworking- nodding to blues and smoke filled bars as much as dark, dirty basements. The other two tracks on offer are also brooding, not least Mr. Lettuce Hands‘ repetitive low end stabs and delicate, slightly eerie melody. In contrast, a warbling bassline and plenty of obscure refrains make up Willie White Pants, adding to the feeling Stavostrand must have been in a menacing mood when he pieced these tunes together,  which is no bad thing from a listener’s perspective.