Deepfunk & Acidulent ‘Cosmos EP (inc. Boom Merchant Remix)


Deepfunk & Acidulent – Cosmos EP (inc. Boom Merchant Remix)

Vinyl – Digital 

Tribal Pulse – Released September 2013


If we can say one thing about Maltese producers Deepfunk & Acidulent, based entirely on this offering, it’s that they prefer tunes to make an impact, rather than go subtly into the night. There’s a gravity to both the original tracks provided here, which ensures that whether you love or feel indifferent towards them, they are impossible to ignore.

Occupying a pleasing position between dubbed out techno and punchy, trance-tipped tech house, Cosmos opens the scoring with its warm synth, inviting percussive tops, and heavy kicks bounding towards an almighty breakdown that finally ushers in hypnotic vocal loops, creating a harmonious cacophony that’s guaranteed to hook a crowd. As is B-side, Do It Again, a more melodic, darker and proggier affair filled with long refrained strings and mainroom atmospheres. Meanwhile, Boom Merchant (who did well with the last Tribal Pulse release), strips the first track down with his remix, focusing more on a dirty little bassline and raw drum work to create a rolling workout that’s thoroughly addictive. Quality stuff then.