Luigi Madonna ‘New World EP’


Luigi Madonna / New World EP

Vinyl / Digital 

Analytic Trail / Released March 2013


Some things in life are pretty certain. The sun will rise tomorrow, for example. In other instances, we can say there’s a strong probability something will happen. Take for example quality, muscular techno coming from southern Italy.

Perhaps its something in the water. Regardless of speculation, though, this region does seem to be an ever-fertile breeding ground for such sounds. And, since 2001, Marcantonio Picone’s Analytic Trail has been serving that purpose well, with this new release proof the organisation remains steadfast in its dedication to fulfil said remit. As for Mr Madonna, he may be familiar to some through other work on this imprint, alongside output via Drumcode and Plus 8, meaning we probably don’t need to divulge many more details. New Word is sweaty, rolling, relentless business, and fellow Italian Joseph Capriati’s remix matches for production quality on the flip. The latter has proved he excels at tough drivers via Adam Beyer’s aforementioned label, and here forsakes the original’s two-tone notes, stripping the whole affair down even more than it already was, and winds up creating what’s arguably a far more devastating track. Agree or not, both versions are worth owning.