Federoco Locchi & UGLH ‘Be House’

Federoco Locchi & UGLH / ‘Be House’

Vinyl / MP3

Supernature / Released October 2010

There’s not much that can profess to have the same ‘boompty boomp’ flavour as Derrick Carter’s track bearing said sound in its name. Artists such as Tom Bone come to mind, and now Marco Durranti and Stefano Marcucci, under the suitably eccentric Federoco Locchi & UGLH guise.

This, their first outing on Audiofly’s reputable Supernature, kicks off with stubby drums, before a classic vocal hook drops, and staccato is replaced by smooth. That said, there’s no loss of energy, meaning this is more Metta & JT Love than Moodyman. And with plenty of breaks, accompanied by a ‘switch-off-the-deck’ lyrical wind-down, there’s no mistaking this for anything other than an accomplished piece of soul-tinged, bouncy house music.

Canada’s rising star Carlo Lio gives things a remix on the flip. Heavy, more rhythmic and tribal, it’s not eerie, just very heads down. Low organs and padded, loose fitting drums make this the strongest of the two versions, as fret-string hooks and ongoing percussive rolls ensure the soundscape continually develops. By the time it’s over, even if you’ve been sitting down there’s a sensation of breathlessness. One for the floor, with just enough thought applied to stand out in a crowded club.