Various Artists ‘Watergate 11: Solomun’

Various Artists / Watergate 11: Solomun

CD / Digital 

Watergate Records / Released June 2012


What does it sound like? 

Whilst Diynamic might be a pretty funky, classic-house-inspired label this mix, prepared by label co-founder Solomun for Berlin’s world famous Watergate club, is still surprisingly fresh. Opening with Alliance Ethnik’s Respect it’s a case of multinational (namely French and English) hip hop first and foremost, setting up a rather ‘one for the money’ opening quartet, which includes the man behind the mix’s own Kackvogel (very Crazy P sounding stuff), and then his edit of The Superman Lovers’ Hard Stuff, replacing the former’s shuffling, loose but heavy low end, with an equally weighty yet tight bassline, creating the first real movement of the album.

Those hoping things will continue to toughen up will find themselves coming up short however, as we veer off into more cosmic, electro or even poppy avenues (Honom from Bedcat, for example, or later the R&B closer Give It Back by Gaelle). It all works very well though, and certainly fits in with the more retrospectively influenced sound of today’s genre splicing dance scene, whilst still retaining a deep ethic befitting the German compilation series. Less huge diva vocals then, more dirty breakbeats (Endless Street’s Superfunk) and Prince-esque funk rock (Vindahl’s Sometimes), it’s certainly suitable for party starting purposes.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

DJ Koze’s rework of Heiko Voss’ I Think About You might fall short of the Original and Geiger versions selected by Michael Mayer for his Fabric mix, but it still conjures lush electronic dreamscapes, proving that great things often come from nine year old source material. More heads down, and perhaps the ‘clubbiest’ moment on here, is the Mathew Jonson track that follows- Typerope– a typically strange but accessible techno outing from the revered producer, another highlight here.

Where can I buy it?