Moodymanc ‘Black Paint (& Larry Heard Rmx)’

Moodymanc / ‘Black Paint (& Larry Heard Rmx)

Vinyl / Digital

Tsuba Colours / Released March 21st 2011

It’s unclear whether either artist or remixer really needs an introduction. Moodymanc’s one of many contemporary toasts within the house community, and Larry Heard is, well, Larry Heard.

Do you remember when a quality track was all about the vocal sample? Well if not then prepare to be educated, as fat slabs of US flavoured beats are served up, complete with a guy talking about someone selling shoes. Thank God there’s one classical attribute that people still seem to have time for. Though one could easily mistake these contents for a production some years older, if it weren’t for the latter day quality.

The original, and dub, both set to with a hypnotic, ghetto infected hook offered out at a low slung tempo, before vocals drop (or don’t, respectively), and trumpets begin to flare up. As for the latter addition, if that’s not your thing, then the superstar reworking’s strings and plodding keyboards should suffice when hunting down deeper, or at least more serious vibes.