Hideo Kobayashi ‘Was It A Dream?’

Hideo Kobayashi / Was It A Dream?

Vinyl / Digital 

Apt. International / Released June 2012


What does it sound like? 

Relentless, dark and driving techno that starts as it means to go on. The eponymous A-side throws down a nails kick drum and reverberating bass before beginning its ascent into bleep and percussive hook heights, reaching fifth gear little over a minute into the process whilst welcoming echoed horns and darkroom synths, not to mention some sweatbox vocals. Fans of The Advent et al will certainly feel at home.

In contrast ZX1200 boasts less immediately obvious muscles, which is ironic as it shares its name with a type of superbike (Kawasaki no less). That said, it’s more of an unforgettable experience, as once we’re in things sound somewhere between industrial dance music, with plenty of mechanical staccato rhythms abound, and a horror soundtrack; refrained sounds building a tense, menacing-at-3AM atmosphere, taking no prisoners, least of all when those ravey synth chords drop.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

It really depends on what you’re looking for. The opener’s a very well worked, big room roller, and the B-side is more likely to wreak havoc on a crowd (separating the what from the chaff mind).

Where can I buy it?