Jammy’s Jaunts: 08.06 – 10.06 – Toi Toi 2nd Birthday & Jaded

Jaunt (jônt, jänt)

n. A short trip or excursion, usually for pleasure; an outing

Plain and Simple’s roving reporter/man about town and clubbing addict Jammy brings you his eye view of the events he was shuffling at in the last week… This time he spent his jaunt at the Toi Toi Musik 2nd Birthday Celebrations on Friday and Jaded at Cable on Sunday morning.

Hey and welcome to Jammy’s Jaunts! A weekly round-up of my weekend’s proceedings! Last week was the Jubilee weekender and wow, that was a pretty special one and the biggest one probably, since I have started writing the Jaunts. Quality over quantity sometimes, as I’m sure you will appreciate! This weekend consisted of 2 parties the Toi.Toi. Musik 2nd Birthday party and the weekly adventure at the infamous Jaded afterhours. To start off with, I began my adventure at Loft Studios for Toi.Toi’s 2nd birthday celebration. This was the first time for me at a Toi Toi night and I was very impressed. The location was at Loft Studios and apart from the location being quite out of the way, it was pretty cool and the space was well organised and designed. I have been there once before, last year when I went to the Krankbrothers day time party there, when Manik and Nick Curly were playing. They played in the bottom part of the loft studios in a terrace during the day and inside the studio in the night. However at Toi Toi, they opened up the top part of the studio with the bottom part of the terrace being a smoking area and place for the cloakroom.

As I arrived around half midnight, the vibe and atmosphere was really chilled, just as I has thought from what I have heard people talking about the party. The lineup for their party was ‘Voightmann (resident and founder of Toi Toi), Daze Maxim, Craig Richards and Half Hawaii, consisting of Bruno Pronsato and Sammy Dee. Climbing the long staircase leading into the main studio space, I was met with the warm grooves of Daze Maxim warming up the crowd. Voightmann was playing before but I missed him. As I scoped the place out, it seem that loft studios has lots of potential. Look out for the ‘Casablanca’ nights that they will be having over the summer and well into September and October with an array of top headliners. Stacked with Funktion 1, the dancefloor that the Toi Toi faithful were partying on vibrated and moved up and down as the deep thunderous bass ran through. It certainly felt like that I was actually going to fall through the floor! Definitely an experience! Think of Fabric in Room1 but with more vibrations! As Daze Maxim finished off, the main attraction of the night came on: Half Hawaii. They started just before 3am and were on for just over an hour. First time I have seen Half Hawaii play and I was pleasantly surprised! Different to the techno that I usually like, but always open to fresh, new and different music and they did not disappoint! Groove after groove, I felt myself enjoying every heavy bassline that they dropped and I could also feel myself falling through the floor! Quality stuff! One of the highlights was Bruno getting on the mic and distorting his voice to the beats that Sammy Dee was dropping! Pretty surreal but cool at the same time! Good times. By then, the crowd were in rapture and Half Hawaii had the crowd in the palm of their hands. There was even time for the celebratory balloons to be released into the crowd and the popping of them began! Just after 4am, the duo finished to amazing ovation and the stage was clear just behind them for the legend and Fabric resident Craig Richards to finish things off. He started off really well and kept the crowd wanting for more.

As daylight shone through the windows of loft studios, Craig shifted through his collection of eclectic music and the disco vibes were created. The crowd certainly loved the disco deep beats that he generated and the hardcore of the Toi Toi faithful remained. A great first Toi Toi night to attend and indeed the first of many. A recommendation for sure to anybody who wants to experience that sort of vibe and music. I bowed out at 6am to the beautiful early morning sunshine.

No usual Saturday partying for me this weekend. Nice and chilled one for me, which was really nice for once. I woke up nice and fresh Sunday morning and headed down to Jaded. The headliner in the main room was Rico Casazza from Release Sustain, providing rolling underground techno and techno house for the Jaded faithful to take in. Following him, was Chris Stanford, long time resident of Jaded and infamous for his Lost Souls parties a few years back. In the bar room, it was another resident double act in the form of Raymundo Rodriguez and Unai Trotti of Cartuli’s Day fame. Nice to see them playing on their own and back to back to finish things off. Another great weekend. Mixture of chill and partying! Something different and it worked really well!! I hope you had a great weekend! Same time, next week..?