Various Artists ‘This Time It’s Various’

Various Artists / ‘This Time It’s Various’

Vinyl / MP3

Antiqua Recordings / Released November 22nd 2010

Amusing names for things seem to follow Did and Frawl. They are, after all, the pair behind What The Fuck Is Tech House, an increasingly reputable party in Limerick, a city that is also home to Antiqua, the label that invited them to contribute to this mini-compilation with a tongue in cheek title.

First up here though is another Irishman, Frenchie, whose addition, Case Equal, is a proper slice of dubby tech if ever one’s been heard. Warm pads and plodding beats invite the ears in, while soft keys slowly grow into an increasingly intense but understated deep house workout.

This depth and density is contrasted by Michigan man Duky, who keeps things North American by nodding towards latter day Chicago, and West Coast players like John Tejada. Submissive organ stabs carry the track, dominated by distorted vocal loops but supported by can, tom and wooden percussive patterns perfect for the back room or bar.

So, what about those two we mentioned first? Well, the same vocal, midnight sunshine flavours continue onto Did’s Z Factor, a track that could well be Wbeeza or Lawrence without female voice work. And as for Frawl it’s a case of best until last. If it weren’t in slow motion, The Widow would be a track heavier than most people’s tastes deem appropriate. But here a dark, disco tone has been added, and things grow nicely into a blinding wall of synth. To summarise, these are all worth the attention of anyone interested in deep, shuffling, melodic sounds. The problem is, with so much of that around, it’s an audience already spoilt for choice.