Jammy’s Jaunts: 05.04 – 07.04 – Blueprint 12hr, Dialogue, Fabric and VOID

Jaunt (jônt, jänt) n. A short trip or excursion, usually for pleasure; an outing

Plain and Simple’s roving reporter/man about town and clubbing addict Jammy brings you his eye view of the event he was partying at in the last week… This time he spent his  special extended jaunts at Blueprint 12hr, Dialogue, Fabric and VOID.


Hello and welcome to Jammy’s Jaunts! Your weekly clubbing review of London! This jaunt covered the very special 12 hour Blueprint special, Dialogue, Fabric and Void. A massive techno jaunt in London! So lets cut to the chase and begin with Blueprint at Cable with James Ruskin, Blawan, DVS1 and Ben Klock. Set times were: James Ruskin 23:00 – 02:00, Blawan 02:00 – 05:00, DVS1 05:00 – 08:00, Ben Klock 08:00 – 11:00 with Room 2 hosted by MB & CB 23:00 – 02:00, Rob Hall 02:00 – 05:00, Tengui 05:00 – 08:00. So arriving with good mate Raymundo Rodriguez at midnight we entered Cable’s main room to the booming techno rumble that James Ruskin was delivering. The room was slowly filling up and by the time we arrived it was just under half full. The crowd was very mixture and there was a mix of real techno heads as well as a relatively young good crowd there. The massive anticipation of this night was really growing as this was one of the biggest techno nights in London this year. The main room of Cable is really made for Techno and the sound system didn’t let up. From start to finish it delivered the thunderous kick drum, bassline, clap, hi-hat to everyone’s techno pleasure. Ruskin really did a good job of warming up and it really set the mood for the night. As Blawan came on at 3am, it was a good chance for people who have not seen him play before to witness uttermost destruction on the incredible Cable soundsystem. It was the hardest 2 hour set that I have seen anyone play this year, from start to finish. He really let loose and gave it a proper battering! The whole crowd were loving it and it was completely rammed in the main room and sweaty too as you can imagine! I have seen him play at Fabric before and at Boiler Room with Pariah as their collective duo Karenn and both times he was truly spectacular and I strongly recommend you catching him play if you can too!



Next up after Blawan was the very special DVS1. Originating from America, I have had the honour of seeing him play many times and every time he brings so much groove and energy when he is playing and this time around he really was exceptional. From the beginning to the end of his 3 hour shift he kept things rolling and really interesting. His track selection kept the hardened techno fan going from 5am all the way till 8am when the German Berghain machine took to the DJ booth. There was massive anticipation by the time Ben Klock came and as you could imagine everyone was waiting for him to start slamming the techno! The build-up and the music the whole night was perfect and this was the icing on the cake of the Blueprint night.


Easily one of the best Techno parties’ London has to offer this year and it was nice to see a few reps for the London Techno Community making an effort to witness this master class of techno from the best that the techno world has to offer. They usually say time flies when you’re having fun and the music was so good, that time did fly by and the ending was breathtaking in its own right. Klock played past 11am and even got the hand shake from the big man himself! But by then it surely was time to leave as I had a busy weekend ahead of me. What an incredible Friday jaunt! This very rarely happens and I am extremely thankful and lucky it did!



The next jaunt in this techno filled weekend was a quick trip to a party called Dialogue run by 3 friends in an East London studio. Their headliners were Tomson and Jade Seatle. The venue of the space was really cool and it fit the right amount of people for a nice small intimate party. It was nice to check this place out and use it as a really nice warmup for the beginning of my Saturday jaunt. It wasn’t techno, but it was good music for the place and the vibe. I stayed for about a couple of hours before I made my next stop at the haven of techno: Fabric

Techno was the main course and in room 2 where the action was and in specific, two incredible DJ’s in the form of Peter Van Hoesen (live) and none other than Surgeon were playing. Terry Francis warmed up from 23:00 – 03:00, Peter Van Hoesen (live) 03:00 – 04:00, Surgeon 04:00 – 06:30. I got there around 2am and caught Francis slammed out a wicked warm-up set and his warm-ups are one of the best I’ve heard at Fabric, a great favourite! Soon it was time for PVH. I’ve seen him many times now, at Blueprint and at Fabric before last year and soon at the next very special Weekend Circuit party on 8th June. He dressed up in a suit and tie and it was very cool to see this, very different from the usual DJ get up and for sure it was good look. His setup was pretty incredible and the range of equipment used was amazing. I seriously have no idea how people play live like that, with all that kit! Just gives me a headache looking at it! Serious stuff and big respect! He played really well and definitely worth catching if you have never seen him play before. His record label ‘Time To Express’ is well worth a look for some amazing releases. He kept things rolling really well for an hour and I was suitably pleased!


Next up was the Birmingham techno master: Surgeon. A man at the top of his game wherever he plays, he still is one of my favourites and constantly pushing the boundaries of techno. Straight up, no nonsense head down techno was what occurred for the next 2.5 hours. The techno was unreal and tore apart room 2. He really taught that sound system a lesson and it was pure and utter beautiful destruction. Track after track was perfect and his own original industrial sound was something great to witness and hear. It was a shame he only played for 2.5 hours. It would have been great to see him play much longer but alas this was not the case. A true hero and legend! What a performance at fabric and what a Saturday jaunt! Love it!

Last but not least was the return of London techno party: VOID. Finally being back at 1001 after a while they returned for another techno treat for the Sunday masses. Headlining for them was Maker + Mayer alongside residents Jay Clarke, Chris Page, Ashley Borg and Setaoc Mass. Set times were: Setaoc Mass 14:00 – 16:00, Jay Clarke 16:00 – 18:00, Chris Page 18:00 – 19:30, Ashley Borg 19:30 – 21:00 and Maker and Mayer 21:00 – 22:30. I arrived just as Chris Page had the last 10 minutes of his set and the room was booming. It was filled comfortably but not packed. It really was banging and as you can imagine everyone loved the brutal techno being pumped out and his customary finish consisted of Skirt – Tumulto [Yuji Kondo Remix] and the Blawan remix of his track Corpus Delicti.


There was a new addition to the Void party and this was the strobe lighting being maxed out considerably! A bit too much for my liking but effective now and then! Next up was the Borg man himself and he really went for it from start to beginning, building on Chris Page’s devastation, he turned things up a notch. From where I was, it sounded really good but from talking to Ashley after, he wasn’t too happy with the set. You are your own worst critic at the end of the day, but in all it was plenty of fun to hear his own sound and take on things. Last but not least, Maker + Mayer. These two have always been incredibly talented and again they showed why they are so admired and respected in the land of techno. They went even harder than Borg and it really was punishing and great to hear! Massive respect to the two lads! This weekend was full on techno and every single second was worth it! What a jaunt! Same time, next weekend? 🙂